Aliases : The Onyx Avenger
               Bristolian Knight
               Onyx Knight
               Karl Knight

Skills : Positivity

I always wanted to do something cool to help someone in need, I used to dream about winning the lottery so I could help my family and other families that needed help, the good honest people that tried their hardest to do right by their families, that lived in a world where good honest people were cheated out of what they deserve.
As I grew up I knew the odds of me winning the lotto or coming into a big amount of money were slim so I started thinking of how I could help people in other ways, I joined the army but I realised although it was a commendable thing, I was not directly fighting for the people as they have many recruits believe. I tried joining the police after I left the forces, I passed everything but certain qualifications let me down. My path led to me volunteering for a local charity where I met some really good friends one of which can see this status (he knows who he is) but it wasn't enough for me.
At this point in my life I was beginning to think no matter how much I wanted to help, I could never help in a practical direct way to change lives as I'd always dreamed, I came to a crossroads where darkness was welcoming me, I saw bad people doing bad things and getting better rewards and respect than good honest people that did legitimate things, I started to think your better to be bad because people seem to treat you better, how wrong I was.

Then one day I heard of people, normal average people like me who were out making direct changes to the lives of those in desperate situations, an entire community mainly in America but universally of people, normal citizens that were going out openly in their towns and cities some dressed up in their own superhero costumes to perform lesser heroic deeds like feeding starving forgotten homeless men and women on the streets, picking up needles and trash in their communities, reporting crimes that others were too apathetic to get involved with. I sat in my chair and looked online into this world of real life superheroes as it was and still is known and something within me came to life, at first I like many others thought it was a cool idea but pointless and silly people would just laugh at you and you would never be taken seriously but again I was terribly mistaken.
I saw these real life superheroes genuinely changing lives, going to children's hospitals, reading them stories, putting on shows etc, making these little kids smile when they had little else to be happy about, I saw them patrol areas where police rarely patrolled, keeping an eye out for innocent and vulnerable people who would otherwise be victims of pointless crimes and anti social behaviour, I saw them help old people safely across the road, search for and return lost pets or search for missing persons, appear at charity events not because there's money involved but because they wanted to, I saw them help police and act as an extra pair of eyes and ears, post wanted posters, break up street brawls without the use of violent or aggressive behaviour, look out for escaped convicts, donate to and represent charities, take food to poor families at Christmas and so many other random selfless deeds.
I watched these people and instead of shunning them or mocking them for dressing up and walking around the streets as a superhero which doesn't hurt anyone, I recognised them for the heroes they are, they promote the need for other normal citizens to do good in the community masked or unmasked.

 Slowly I began to see the reasons why the costumes were relevant, some wear it to hide identity as to not get credit for good deeds, some wear it to keep their family unaware and safe, some to draw attention to what they're doing, to make the public notice, to stand out and be asked questions, to be a symbol or a source of public awareness and education, all worthy reasons to put on the suit and then I also found another reason. It was fun, more than fun to me it was like being someone else as motor mouth another well known RLSH once pointed out it's close to an out of body experience, a chance to start again.
You can never truly understand unless you attempt it and I don't know anyone that's attempted it and not liked it, it's rare. That's the life I chose in doing so I met and was welcomed by many kind hearted RLSH world wide some of which I've come to call friends and I can honestly say there's no better experience I could ever get, I'm not a religious man but being a RLSH is the closest thing I have to religion and in this way I'm devout.

I hope to see more RLSH rise and for other people to open their minds and realise that we aren't vigilantes or nut cases we are normal folk like you that perform rare acts of kindness because we want to, not because we have to, we are from every walk of life male and female we are genuinely the kind of people that will make a physical change for the better in this world and I hope that some of you look into the RLSH world as I once did, maybe that fire will spark inside your heart to do something good.

 • Homeless outreach patrols - feeding, clothing or helping a homeless person in any way you can, homeless outreach patrols usually involve making care packages of useful things that for a person on the street could make all the difference.

I am looking for team members from Bristol and other parts of the UK to join me.

• Charity work and supporting good causes - many real life superheroes masked or unmasked support charities in any way they can, promotion, attending events, donating etc.

• Crime prevention patrols - crime prevention patrols involve patrolling communities in numbers masked and unmasked, looking out for vulnerable residents and reporting crime and anti social behaviour directly to police acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears.

All things within the spectrum of duties we do as RLSH (real life superheroes)


Always do your bit to prevent crime and help those in need, together we can be the change!